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This website has been created with the intention to share the passion for aerospace engineering and aircraft flying. It merges engineering analysis with broader operational aspects.  The use of tedious mathematical derivations is generally avoided to make reading more comfortable. Essential equations are added to the mix if required to enhance understanding. Often it is not the equation itself that should be remembered, but the message it holds.

The author:

Andreas Horn

Andreas is an aerospace engineer and commercial pilot with several years experience in both disciplines. In particular, he holds the following qualifications:

- MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design, specialising in avionics, Cranfield University

- BSc Electrical Engineering, Bern University of applied sciences

- Swiss Federal Diploma as Electronic technician, specialising in military air-defence RADAR systems

- EASA frozen ATPL(A), A320 F/O, SEP IR, aerobatic

- EASA FI(A)rp, IRI(A)

Highly familiar with the following topics and industry standards:

- Guidance/Navigation/Control (GNC)

- Surveillance

- Communication

- Aircraft certification (EASA Part 21, CS-23/25)

- Safety assessment (SAE ARP 4761)

- Aircraft operation (ICAO PANS-OPS, EU-OPS, SERA)

Andreas has been awarded the title "Vice Swiss Champion of Electronic technicians" in 2006 and is an associate member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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